Alessandro Ferullo

Searching for meaning in life, struggling and belonging. An Italian boy, born in Indonesia, lived in Sardinia aged 2, moved to Tanzania with the family aged 3 and grew up in the UK from the age of 9.
I was always searching for a deeper meaning to life from a young age and believe this led me to discovering Qigong over 25 years later, a never ending study and practice of human nature, energy, connection, universal and natural laws and the promise of leading a joyful healthy life on many levels. I know how challenging it can be to feel sick, tired, uninspired or disconnected and unsupported. So it is still amazing to me how I have learned that when we connect with the universal energy/qi, this field of all possibilities, we can clear many health issues, transform negative emotions, re-balance body and mind, feel nourished on many levels. After all, this qi/energy is what keeps nature alive and thriving, and is always present. The challenge is how to connect to it and how to stay in tune with it.
This has been my journey… I have been now been practicing Qigong for over 30 years with my teacher, Zhixing Wang, teaching for over 15 years groups, corporate, 1 to 1 and online.

With the world in such a state of change and so much stress to cope with for people of all ages, it seems like a crucial time to bring a practice like Qigong into our lives to take more control of our health and wellbeing (in mind and body). The Qi/energy is what keeps us and nature alive and thriving, and is always present.

I have had a lifelong interest in energy, health, humanity and nature and continue to study Buddhism, Taoism, among other Eastern philosophies. I offer online courses, 1 to 1, to groups and corporate clients as well. Offering ways to help you take control of your health, feel more connected to yourself and others, more inspired and to transform your life by bringing it into balance as you tune in to this universal energy and information.


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