Angus Clark

I am an explorer, enabler and educator in the field of ‘movement for whole human health’ using the Tai Chi system of movement. 

Right from my very first class in Tai Chi I was excited by its principles of deep relaxation; strength in softness; and a sense of experiencing a ‘natural way’. I began to notice how my mind became attentive, immersed in each move. I quite quickly became aware of how good this mind-body interaction left me feeling.

40 years on I run Living Movement, have published books and DVDs on Tai Chi and Qigong and have trained many people to instructor level.

I like to work simply, using core processes and principles. In my Tai Chi Essence course, I make a practice accessible to many people from numerous walks of life.

I believe that the principles of tai chi and qigong are bursting with a vital potential that counters the great strains of modern living and will reward anyone who feels drawn to exploring in this way.

I have a deep love of and appreciation for nature and like to bring this to people through the tai chi and qigong when and wherever possible.

I am an Honorary President of the Tai Chi and Qigong Union of Great Britain and a senior level Tai Chi and Qigong coach with the same body. It is a joy to be part of Oneqi now in promoting and making accessible such good mind-body healing practices.

I have many years experience in working with individuals, groups and companies.     e:


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