Clara Apollo

Clara Apollo RGN is an Elemental Qigong/Chi Kung teacher trainer, a founder member of the Alliance of Tai Chi & Qigong UK and creative director for Conscious Living Events. She presents ‘Chi Time- your conscious living show‘ for UK Health Radio, writes for their Health Triangle Magazine and is devoted to turning people onto their Chi/Qi.
Qigong found Clara in the early 1990’s helping her recover from a serious RSI and manage being a single Mum. Finding it so hugely beneficial, Clara did a 4 year teacher training at the biodynamic based College of Elemental Chi Kung London, in the early 2000’s. On returning to the New Forest, Clara went on to share the teachings in the public and private sector to what must be thousands of people in the New Forest.
On taking on Conscious Living Events in 2016, Clara invited Qigong Grand Master Ken Cohen to teach, with whom her experience with lineage forms continue, alongside the elemental principles she loves to share.
Clara’s main remit is to encourage others to express their humanness through movement and access their soulful deep peace, patiently being at the centre of us all.
Clara is now based near Glastonbury, UK and currently offers online sessions and a year long Elemental Qigong Teacher Training for teachers of other body-mind modalities.


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