Debbie Gannon

Debbie Gannon began learning Tai Chi and Qigong in 1992 and studied Forms, energy work and massage, based on the teachings of Chi Soo, through a Tai Chi Ch’uan Association. This led onto training and qualifying in holistic therapies including massage, Tui’na, Fire cupping, Acupressure and   Energy Healing  which all enhanced her initial passion for Tai Chi & Qigong.

Debbie had trained with several teachers from different organisations providing a diverse and wealth of knowledge.

Debbie has spent many years promoting Qigong, delivering sessions to GPs, hospitals, council staff and other corporate bodies as well as running several sessions for the general public.

As demand grew Debbie set up a Training Academy in 2014, and along with her husband Mark, runs courses, in Hinckley UK, to teach others to lead sessions in Qigong for  relaxation and to improve well-being. The course is based on the Shibashi Qigong Set 1, but with movements adapted for people of all ages and abilities, teaches the essence of Qigong rather than a formulaic “how to do” approach, and is accredited by several professional bodies.


Debbie still runs her own Holistic Health Clinic and Tai Chi & Qigong classes as well as the Qigong Instructor Training Academy, which are both based in Hinckley UK.


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