Fully Alive

Tim Franklin and Barry Smale have been training in the Shaolin Arts for around 20 years, and worked as professional therapists for over 20 years. During this time they have both received continued and direct instruction from Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

As part of Fully Alive we are doing our part in helping create a healthier, happier and less harmful world. This can sometimes feel like an impossibly large task. But then we witness the positive impact the teachings have on so many lives, and the affect it has when that bounces on. What we train ourselves everyday, we pass on to others. This ripples out, touching the hearts and lives of many.

For the last twenty years we have been working on being healthy, happy and feeling secure, in various ways. It became obvious we had both positive and negative effects on those around us. It was like we increasingly woke up and could then choose to affect others positively. And the more we did that, the healthier, happier and more secure we felt. And so on and so on … the upwards spiral. Our approach is based on this simple understanding.

We have chosen the best things we know to achieve health and happiness, and lead to people feeling more realistically secure. Our approach as Fully Alive is to teach and pass these things on in a simple, direct and down to earth way so that we can all get the benefits.

We can be reached at www.shaolin-training.com or email info@fullyalive.co (no .uk or .com)


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