Nicola Ley

Nicola was teaching in Tokyo in 1978, where she discovered Shiatsu, thinking it was a martial art. What she found was her life’s work. She returned to England and studied to be a secondary school teacher and continued her studies in energy work. She practiced the WuTan T’ai Chi form and studying shiatsu further. In 1984 she was involved in setting up the Shiatsu College. There they taught the Pre-Heaven Qigong to the students for their own energy development. In 2001, after a health problem, she studied Hua Gong with Dominic Hill, who has transformed her practice. He helped her take some of the Qi of her long practice and put it in a current account and use it for herself, rather than putting it all in a deposit account. Recently Nicola was awarded teaching status from Age UK to teach within the NHS. She is also an artist and loves to teach workshops where people paint or draw the energy around them. Nicola is the author of Shiatsu in a Nutshell and has produced a Qigong CD – Energy work, and a DVD on Qigong with Carola Beresford-Cooke – Helping Ourselves Heal.


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