We are a Not-for-profit collective of Qigong Teachers based in the UK.
We want every open-minded teacher of Qigong in the UK to join us!

Why join us?
As Qigong teachers we all feel the lack of understanding and engagement in Qigong in the UK, but that’s about to change!
OneQi will provide a home for Qigong in the UK, where students can find teachers, where the media can come for comment, where we can gather media and studies and generally raise awareness of the wonderful ancient Chinese art we all love!

As a teacher we hope to drive students to you, but it’s more than that, we hope to make you feel at home, and provide a place where you can meet likeminded people.

The cost?
For the first 100 sign-ups in 2021 the price will be £50 for your first year.
(Thereafter the membership will decide the yearly fees – we estimate that the membership will be £100 yearly, ongoing)
For this, we’ll interview you and put your film up on our Media Page.
You can create a listing in our Directory for yourself, or for your school.
We are commencing a weekly broadcast on UK Health Radio in April 2021- you could be included in this.
If you are an avid Blogger, add your blogpage to our Blog Directory
Would you like to become part of our monthly Live Stream Chats – Sure! Why not?
(We also hope to have a OneQi festival.)

Your subscription will also go towards OneQi’s mission to bring Qigong to a wider audience and connect a community of Qigong practitioners in the UK

Your membership will help to lead the organisation.
OneQi is small, but growing. It’s about kinship rather than a huge marketing effort, but together we can be stronger! This is a Co-production..
Let us grow together! Join us!!

New Members – Please fill out our Sign-up form.
For your Member (Teacher’s) profile you should upload a Headshots
as the main image on your profile page
(You can add descriptions, further photos, business logo, website and social links etc)


Existing Members Log in and Update to your here!